FM Monitoring Selection Guide

FM Band 87 - 108 MHz Basic Spectrum AnalyzerYESYESYES
2 Independent SDR FM tuners with separate antenna inputsNoNoYES
Dedicated tuner for Logging OnlyNoNoYES
Dedicated tuner for Monitoring OnlyNoNoYES
Warning Alarm MsgsNoNoYES
RF signal digitalized by SDR FM tunerYESYESYES
Up to 100 dBµV direct RF Antenna InputYESYESYES
MPX, PILOT & RDS deviation metersYESYESYES
LEFT and RIGHT demodulated audio level metersYESYESYES
Levels measurement with data historyYESYESYES
Selectable De-emphasis - Off, 50µs and 75µs50/75 onlyYESYES
Built-in Stereo DecoderYESYESYES
Remote Listening via optional GSM modemYESYESYES
SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clockYESYESYES
RDS and RBDS decoder with BER meterYESYESYES
Alarm dispatch via E-mail, SMS, SNMP and GPOYes, w/o GPOYESYES
Complete status reporting with SMS via optional GSM modemYESYESYES
Protected access to the device settingsYESYESYES
LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoringYESYESYES
Adjustable MIN/MAX warningns for RFYESNoYES
Adjustable MIN/MAX warningns for MPX, Pilot & RDSYESNoYES
Adjustable MIN/MAX warningns for Left & Right Audio LevelsYESNoYES
Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for RFYESYESYES
Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for MPX, Pilot & RDSYESYESYES
Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for Left & Right Audio LevelsYESYESYES
Headphone outputYESYESYES
Firmware updates will ensure improved operationYESYESYES
Easy Installation and SetupYESYESYES
Manager Software with Cartographic interface with site locationYESYESYES
Fully DSP-based coreYESYESYES
Built-in Oscilloscope for IF, MPX, Pilot, RDS, Left & Right displayYes, MPX/AudioYESYES
Real Time Audio Program StreamingYESYESYES
Easy to use WEB interfaceYESYESYES
Universal WEB interface, including Apple and Android devices supportYESYESYES
Spectrum analyzer of the MPX and Left/Right AudioYESYESYES
Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for MPX PowerYESYESYES
Restore Factory Parameters optionYESYESYES
Proved and reliable hardware for 24/7/365 operatingYESYESYES
Constant, uninterrupted audio stream listening via WEBNONoYES
Wide angle, easy to read from panel displayNOYESYES
Very Intuitive Navigational MenuNOYESYES
Built-in FTP serverNOYESYES
Accurate front-panel metering for local useNOYESYES
Built-in 50 channel Data loggerNOYESYES
L+R and L-R audio level metersNOYESYES
Spectrum analyzer of the RF CarrierNOYESYES
Bright, accurate bar graph LED metering of the Modulation and Pilot LevelsNOYESYES
Total and independent Positive and Negative deviation bar graphNOYESYES
Left, Right, L+R, L-R bar graph LED audio level meters on front panelNOYESYES
Selectable wide range IF filter bandwidthNOYESYES
Front Panel Quick Station access via 4 PresetsNOYESYES
Level Adjustable, Balanced Analog Audio Outputs on XLR ConnectorsNOYESYES
Professional AES/EBU, SPDIF and Optical Digital audio outputsNOYESYES
Dual antenna ports with built-in RF attenuatorNOYESYES
USB communication interface for local connectivityNOYESYES
Wide operating voltage range: 100-240V ACNOYESYES