Radio Explorers Selection Guide

FeatureRadio ExplorerRadio Explorer II
Robust, custom made Metal Case for high RF immunityYESYES
FM Band 87?108 MHz Basic Spectrum AnalyzerYESYES
MPX, PILOT, RDS deviation meters and RF Field strengthYESYES
Built-in Stereo decoderYESYES
Stereo Presence DetectionYESYES
LEFT and RIGHT demodulated audio level metersYESYES
RDS and RBDS decoderYESYES
Built-in 50-channels GPS ReceiverYESYES
RF and RDS Measurements (real time & average)YESYES
Front panel DisplayYESYES
Accurate front-panel metering for local useYESYES
Very Intuitive Application InterfaceYESYES
Maintenance via SoftwareYESYES
Full control and monitoring via USBYESYES
Measurement results visualisation in Google EarthYESYES
Headphone output with front panel level controlYESYES
Fully DSP based FM radio frontendNOYES
Dual antenna ports supporting up to 100 dBµV direct RF Antenna InputNOYES
Selectable IF bandwidthNOYES
Powerful Dual DSP-based coreNOYES
SNMP for adjustments and controlNOYES
Full control and monitoring via LANNOYES
Easy to use WEB InterfaceNOYES
3 General purpose outputs – GPS Fix, Multipath, Low RF LevelNOYES
Built-in FTP Server for easy download of the Log filesNOYES